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The band was quite interesting this year because this year it formed, and since then we have been through a couple of action has also we started composing his own songs, we wrote some own songs, little experience is gained, everywhere we felt very well, thank you all for the fans, and so Finally we wish for everyone "MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Peter, Peter, Tomas, Gabriel, Zsolt



Hello! The band will perform again in Galanta, the place will be now the M Klub. Those who can look at it:)



Yesterday we had a great concert, the audience was great and really cool place in the Rock Club 25 in Komárom (SK). Anyone can visit the club, its worth :) Have a nice day ! WF



After Galánta action, we continue in Komárom in the Rock Club 25 on November 13., who can also look up there and we hope that you will like. Hi everyone!



Saturday who may come to Galanta to the club in Arcadia, because at 8 pm will rumble the Rock and Roll! There will be also two bands who will perform. Come in great numbers to have a good go clubbing. Hi  WF.


We are too Farkasdi Action, we hope that those who were there liked our program and we are going on, that is, the next action will be in Arkadia club in Galánta, where two other bands will also perform the TaZaJó Quintet and the Előtag. Come in great numbers ...



Hello everyone!

Our amateur web page develops moderately and we managed to do an amateur video in our rehearsal room already "Az igazi ember" (the real man) - title of our song, we hope you will like it. One is being made already the "Valamit tenni kell" (It is necessary to do anything) - is the title of our song what will be harder, and I have a couple of songs yet whats are in a plan, but these a little bit later... :)



Hy! Our bands next appearance will be October on 3 in Farkasd.Who may make it excuse, we welcome everybodys visit. Additional programs and bands who make an appearance:

- Varga Krisztián plays music

- Almaart a bands performance: I desire the life - Karel Svoboda memory concert

- Rúzsa Magdi and her bands live concert



On yesterdays concert on the village day in Neded we felt very well, we want to thank very much for the audience that we could play for such a good audience. This first performance was a great experience for the band!




Who likes rock music, you should check out Saturday to Neded village days, because after 8 pm our band will perform, first time in a public place.
Greetings everyone! ... WF...




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